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For Low Voice, Accordion, Trombone, and Piano. At the time of writing this, my life was going through distress that I had never felt before, not even when I was blowing through 20 units and a part-time job, which translated well into a poem about hiding depression behind a thin facade of liquor. Everything flowed naturally, and I ended up being able to write this in a few days without much of a problem. The piece is created using three pitch sets, with each representing various states of being drunk. The piece is also grounded in two tones (as opposed to tonalities or keys) to prevent it from becoming unpalattable to the ear, as I find a lot of atonal pieces tend to do. While the pitch B represents being drunk, F represents being fully sober, which we can see the vocalist slowly drifting towards as the piece goes on. The orchestration and the German text were both aspects of the creative process that were placed upon me rather than intentional creative decisions on my part. Piano, accordion, and trombone were just what we had, but I ended up enjoying the orchestration enough that I decided to write a whole set of pieces that used it.

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Could Man Be Drunk Forever? | Baritone Voice, Accordion, Trombone, & Piano




Andrew Robert Wilcox

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Andrew Robert Wilcox

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Could Man Be Drunk Forever? | Baritone Voice, Accordion, Trombone, & Piano

By Andrew Robert Wilcox



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