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Ideal for Christmas, Weddings, Concerts etc, Scored for 6 C Flutes, (a 4 C Flutes, Alto and Bass Flute version is also available) "Cantilena" from the Italian for lullaby, is a modern type of lullaby in concert F major in triple time. It is not unlike a barcarolle in tempo and mood- although there are elements of folk and romantic ideas present. It is designed to be restful and peaceful- It is in ternary form with a 4 bar intro and a similar outro. Complexity- The range of the flutes are about 2 octaves with nothing higher than a top F. (F6) Rhythmically, it is almost all eighths, quarters, half notes and dotted half notes. I have set it to early intermediate- but not limited here. The whole score is on the youtube link for you to assess suitability. The full score is 10 pages- Parts are 3 and it is just over 4 minutes in length. Price is for the score and full set of parts.

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Product details
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"Cantilena" A Modern Lullaby For Flute Choir (6 C Flutes)


Flute choir


Grant Horsley



Includes score


Includes parts





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"Cantilena" A Modern Lullaby For Flute Choir (6 C Flutes)

By Grant Horsley


Flute choir

Includes score and parts

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