Thomas Håkanson


Hey everybody! My name is Thomas Håkanson, and I compose music from time to time. I’m currently studying at UC Santa Barbara for my BA in Music Composition in the College of Creative Studies. I’ve had the privilege of being under the tutelage of both Leslie Hogan and Jeremy Haladyna. I’m set to graduate in just a few years time, so I’m taking as many opportunities as I can to further my own career in my time as a student. I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous ensembles throughout the years. I’ve played on concerts with So Percussion, the UCSB Jazz Ensemble, the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, and the Ojai Pops Orchestra. I have yet to write anything for a major ensemble, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be able to do so in the future! I’m not just limited in my compositional endeavors. I’m an avid coder, and I helped build this very own website with the help of Nick Mazuk. I’ve also coded up some web toys, some things that dare never make it onto the international stage lest I be chastized for it in the future. I also consider myself an avid writer. I have a blog where I post personal thoughts and short stories, one of which you can view here.

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